Andie Deal

Feel it out

What People are Saying

“This is a great atmospheric tune. Fantastic unusual vocals and one incredible atmosphere makes this a great record.” - UK Independent

"A poignant electro-pop song with exploratory leanings. This atmospheric track is propelled by a theatrical female vocal performance. The unsettling atmosphere that emanates from this singular musical aesthetic is amplified by carefully crafted electronic sounds." - Boulimique de Musique

"Feel It Out" offers a fresh and deep sound, [delivered with] a very stylish and captivating vocal, it mingles well with the dark and enigmatic melodic arrangements and the light atmospheric side of the track”- EKM.CO

“Quite an interesting track, very experimental and with psychedelic overtones. [Andie’s] voice is very characteristic and unique.” -Indie Valley Music

"Soulful vocals paired with minimalist leftfield electronic beats and sonic textures that hint at triphop and synthpop result in a beautifully downtrodden piece." - David Attic

"Decades mature, beautiful music likening to Portishead's Third on the low key." - Mike Ford

"Brilliant and haunting. Vocals are amazing!" - Jefrey Danger

"The Toronto electronica artist wholly exploits instrumentation & arrangement, giving this track's powerful message of despair & loss that much more of a punch." - !earshot Distro